Never To Late

Never To Late

It’s never to early or to late. This is a picture of us doing a camera inspection at 11pm to find out why our client had a blocked drain.


No Every Job Is Easy

Not every job is as straight forward as we like, however we do whatever it takes to get the job done. No matter how much room there is or where we need to crawl into. Drainage Group Team.

Camera Drain Inspection

Buying a house? Having a Camera Drain Inspection could save you thousands in the long run. Whether Sewer or Stormwater.

Camera Drain Inspection

Drainage Group

We were called out to a blocked toilet at 10pm – No matter what time, and where you are Drainage Group are available to help.

Blocked toilet

Blocked toilet Narre Warren

Blocked toilet Narre Warren , shower or sinks? We have a no fix no charge policy and fixed price. Jetter and camera inspection included.

Blocked bathroom sink

Blocked bathroom sink Cranbourne North

We were called out for a blocked sink in Cranbourne North. Blocked sinks are caused by a range of reason, this particular blocked bathroom sink was caused by hair. We were able to clear it up in no time.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet in Narre Warren

Called out to another blocked toilet in Narre Warren. Our trusty jetter always completing the job with no issue. Sewer blockage was caused by tree roots.

Broken Sewer Drain

Broken Sewer Drain in Camberwell

Broken sewer drain Camberwell. After calling out a number of plumbers due to countless blocked toilet issue, he decided to call us. We were able to not only clear the blocked toilet but identify what the issue was with our drain camera inspection.

Blocked Stormwater

Blocked Stormwater Dandenong North

We were called out to a blocked stormwater in Dandenong North, our jetter showing why it is the best option against tree roots. We also performed a camera inspection on the stormwater.

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains Hawthorn East

We were called out to blocked drains in Hawthorn East after the owner builder noticed a few drains were blocked. We spent over an hour performing a camera inspection on sewer drains and stormwater drains. We found a number of issues with will take no time to fix now but would of caused a lot of headaches if left any longer.

Commercial Kitchen Sink Blockage

Commercial Kitchen Sink Blockage

We have a number of commercial clients who regularly call us out to clear their blocked kitchen sink. Clearing Blocked kitchen sinks Melbourne wide.

Blocked Toilet

Blocked Toilet in Box hill

We were called out for a Blocked toilet Boxhill, this was an after hour call out to a one bathroom and toilet apartment so it was important we go out to site as soon as possible.

Blocked toilet Cranbourne

Blocked Toilet In Cranbourne

We were called out for a blocked toilet in Cranbourne; this is what it looks like when to many wipes are used. An inside picture of a blocked toilet drain.

Blocked stormwater Berwick

Blocked Stormwater Berwick

This is what it looks like when a small stormwater blockage is left a little to long. Our client called us out for a stormwater blockage in Berwick, we managed to clear most of the drain but had to dig up a certain section.

Sewer Blocked

Sewer Blocked Ringwood

It’s not always a matter of rocking up and access being so easy, this blocked sewer in Ringwood turned us into bush explorers. Drainage Group always getting the job done no matter what it takes.

Blocked Stormwater

Blocked Stormwater Elwood

We were called out for a blocked stormwater in Elwood. After attending numerous blocked stormwater in Elwood we knew we had our work cut out for us; this picture show what we bought out in the first 30 second.

Blocked Toilets and Shower

Blocked Toilets and Shower

We were called out to a blocked toilet in Berwick, by the time we rocked up on site this was the shower. Unfortunately it was our old friend ‘wipes’. We managed to get our cameras in there quickly to find the problem and use the water jetter to clear.

Blocked Toilet Narre Warren

Blocked Toilet Narre Warren

This blocked toilet in Narre Warren had been giving our clients headaches for years. They were so surprised to see the reason for their headaches. Client originally came to us requesting a complete dig up and repair of the sewer; instead 1 hr later we were able to clear all their issue saving them thousands.

Air Fresheners stuck in toilet

Air Fresheners stuck in toilet

This bad boy was stuck 15 metres down the main sewer line at a wedding venue, first time we’ve seen over 100 people so excited to see plumbers. Air Fresheners stuck in toilet sewer line.

Blocked toilet before and after

Blocked toilet in Hotel room

We have a number of commercial factories, warehouses and hotels we work for, this was a typical hotel blockage we are called out for, we were out on site within 28 minutes to clear the blocked toilet.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Berwick

Tree roots in stormwater Aspendale

This 5 metre long tree roots was happily living inside a stormwater drain in Aspendale. By having the right equipment to camera the problem, locate the exact spot and water jetter our way in there, we were able to save the client from the $7,250 quote he had previously been given.

Roots in drain far

Tree roots in sewer drain Narre Warren

This was a blocked toilet in Narre Warren we were called out to early in the morning. Old mate Rigid drain camera capturing the perfect picture.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Berwick

Blocked Kitchen Sink Berwick

Earlier this year we were called out to Berwick for a blocked Kitchen Sink. We were able to clear years of grease build up with our water jetter.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Berwick

Blocked Toilet Toorak

It doesnt matter what suburb you live in, this is one of our team members clearing a blocked toilet in Toorak.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Berwick

Blocked Stormwater Narre Warren

Nothing clears tree roots in stormwater better than our range of water jetters and nozzles.

Blocked Kitchen Sink Berwick

Broken Sewer Drain Cranbourne West

This is what a broken sewer drain looks like through our CCTV cameras.

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